Through the Window

On Sunday evening, I happened to be standing at my kitchen window, washing the dishes, at around 4 p.m.  Through the condensation, I could see the sun dropping below the horizon and decided to abandon the washing up and grab the camera instead.


I left the camera on autofocus for the first few shots because I wanted to capture the scene as I had first spotted it, condensation and all.  I then switched to manual focus so I could encourage the camera to look beyond the window, and also experimented a bit with metering and composition.  It is still apparent that the photos have been taken through glass but, to my surprise, I don’t mind that too much, particularly in photo 4 (immediately below) which, to my eye at least, looks more like a painting.



This will be my last blog post before Christmas; I hope that it will be a peaceful and joyful time for you, wherever you may be.