Musical Interlude

Much as I would love to be out and about with the camera this weekend, with Christmas so close and my preparation still lagging a little behind, I suspect I may instead find myself wrestling with shopping lists, wrapping paper and cranberries. That being the case, I have gathered a few photos from my recent London street photography exploits and share with you a brief musical interlude…


I imagine being a street musician (or, indeed, a street performer of any kind) must be a rather strange experience.  At times the centre of attention, at others you are very much on your own, even in central London.


Not my best photo – the light was fading, so I had to push the ISO up as high as possible and reduce the shutter speed – but I like the composition.  I chose to place both of the men in the frame, simply because they both had a beard and moustache and I was developing a theme of people mirroring each other in some way.  By luck, they both looked up as I took the photo, unwittingly contributing to the theme!


Particularly during the Christmas period, Covent Garden is full of colour and activity.  I had seen both of these musicians performing separately but on this occasion they were working together and, as it happens, singing a song from Once, one of my favourite films.


This musician clearly loved what she was doing and gave an emotional performance that quickly drew an appreciative audience.