In Search of the Alphabet

With just one spare day and a depleted bank account, I was on the lookout for a project that would be fun, free and not too time consuming.  The December issue of Digital SLR Photography had a suggestion that fitted this brief – take a walk with camera in hand, looking for the letters of the alphabet in unexpected places.  The project, the article said, would provide training in spotting shapes and lines, a useful skill for any photographer.  Now used to being seen by others as a slightly crazy lady with a camera (child to parent on my latest outing, as I took a photo of a z-shaped crack in a phone box window; ‘what is she taking a photo of that for?!’), I took to the streets and started taking shots of shadows, pavements, walls and lampposts – anything that fitted the brief.  Most of the images were collected in London during an afternoon stroll; the rest were taken in Rochester the following day, as I rushed around trying to complete my alphabet before dark!