Our photography group meets about every six weeks.  As I have no doubt explained before, we choose a topic or theme (usually something fairly open that can be interpreted in a variety of ways), take our photos and bring them to the meeting to share and discuss.  It’s always fascinating to see the diversity of the images, the different photographic styles and the ways in which the themes are interpreted by each of us.

Our theme this week was texture.  I was very tempted to stay within my comfort zone and take photos of trees, but decided to challenge myself and chose still life instead.  It’s a kind of photography I struggle with – how do you arrange the object you’re photographing in an interesting way?  How do you light it?

As luck would have it, the natural light was good and I was able to work near the window.  My set-up was basic – a small stool, a piece of A4 paper and a variety of shells. Lacking a macro lens, I used a telephoto, and experimented with angles and arrangements.

Here are a few of the images.  Clicking on any of them will open them in a new window should you wish to take a closer look.