Bluebell Season at Hucking Estate

I took the photos in this post a couple of months ago, which will be apparent as soon as you look at them!  Bluebell season is long gone, but remains one of my favourite times of year for a woodland walk.  Hucking Estate is known for its impressive bluebell display, and although the flowers were perhaps a little past their best, there were still plenty to see. Unusually for me, my visit was during the evening, rather than first thing in the morning, so the woods were very quiet.  All was well until I realised I’d not checked the car park details and couldn’t be sure it would still be open.  I dashed back, taking a shortcut, to find my car alone, but definitely not locked in!

As always, clicking on any of the images will open them in a new window should you wish to take a closer look.