Herne Bay

After much deliberation, I have finally treated myself to a camera that is rather more compact than the DSLR I typically use.  At first, I had big ideas of carrying it with me every day, taking photos as I went about my daily life, developing a visual diary etc., etc. In practice, none of that has happened!  No doubt there have been things I could have photographed if only I had been paying attention, but too often I have been rushing from one place to another, or my brain has been busy processing something that has just happened, and I haven’t noticed what has been going on around me.  Note to self: must do better.

Although the spontaneous photo taking hasn’t become reality, I have liked the option of having something smaller to take out on planned trips, particularly where having a tripod and all the gear could be problematic.  My first outing with the camera was to Herne Bay, a seaside town in Kent.  It’s not a place I am familiar with, and I almost didn’t see anything other than the inside of its railway station because of the rain that greeted my arrival!  Luckily the forecast was (almost) correct, and soon the sun was out and I was able to explore a little.

As always, clicking on any photo in the gallery will open it in a new window should you wish to take a closer look.