Beachy Head, Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters

Every now and then, my sister and I venture a little further afield for one of our day trips.  The journey to Birling Gap took longer than anticipated, but we arrived in sunshine and decided to head first in the direction of Beachy Head.  The distances were deceptive, and several times we thought that the steep climb in front of us marked the end of the journey, only to get to the top and see the next big hill!  In the end, it was obvious when we’d reached the peak because we were suddenly surrounded by lots of people.  Clearly it’s a stop on the tourist routes!

There was a story about Beachy Head on the local news recently.  It was primarily about a young man who thought it was a good idea to clamber part way down the cliff face and throw rocks on to the beach below, but also showed footage of visitors standing precariously close to the edge to get the best photos.  We didn’t witness any rock throwing, thankfully, but were amazed at the number of people who chose to ignore the signs, climb over the fences and wander around, particularly as there were high winds that day.  Needless to say, we didn’t join them!

After lunch, we braved the weather again and walked in the opposite direction, towards the Seven Sisters.  This time we were overtaken by a group who were running the same route, apparently completely unfazed by the steep climbs.  We didn’t join them either…