Riverside Country Park

I seem to be spending more and more time checking the weather forecast!  Whilst it is considered to be a fairly British obsession anyway, now that I have started to understand a little more about how the quality and direction of the light can change the look and feel of a landscape, the forecast has become increasingly important.  One weekend, when we were particularly short staffed at work, I covered the early shift, then headed straight to Riverside Country Park, in Rainham, Kent, to blow away the cobwebs and, I hoped, catch some of the late afternoon sunshine that the BBC forecast had promised.  There was more cloud than I had been anticipating, and the sun increasingly struggled to break through, but I persisted for a while, determined to leave with a few images.

The Park is about 100 hectares in size, and is situated along the Medway Estuary.  The site includes a nature reserve, and a variety of different habitats for wildlife.