Dungeness, on the south coast of Kent, is a place like no other.  A popular destination for photographers, it is known for its power stations and lighthouses, its scattering of wooden houses, and its shingle beach.  It is also, perhaps more surprisingly, home to some rare plants and insects, and has been designated a National Nature Reserve.

Our visit was relatively short, and it’s an area I definitely want to explore more, though am conscious of the need to keep a balance between experiencing and capturing the spirit of the place, and respect for the habitat and all who live there.  The other challenge is showing something new in the images, always difficult when a location has been photographed as often as Dungeness.  I think I only partly achieved that this time, and look forward to experimenting a little more on my next visit.

As usual, I have arranged the images in a gallery.  Clicking on any of them will allow you to scroll through and take a closer look.