Re-visiting Reculver

The theme for our most recent photography group meeting was ‘by the sea’.  As always, we deliberately chose a topic that could be broadly interpreted, and the sets of images that we shared were as varied as usual.

Reculver is relatively close to home, and is an interesting mix of coast, history and country park, so it is perhaps not surprising that two of us found ourselves there, albeit at different times and with different approaches to the subject matter.  On my first visit, there was a lot of cloud cover and the light wasn’t great for wider angle landscape shots. Instead, I focused on details, capturing the shapes and textures that interested me.  I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my efforts, largely because of the poor light, so returned a second, and then a third time, firstly at low tide and then again as the tide was coming in.

Here are a few of the images.  Clicking on any of them will open up the gallery should you wish to take a closer look.