Experimenting with Spring

For our most recent photography club meeting, the theme was spring.  Inspired by M. and S., who had brought close-up images to our previous meeting, I decided to experiment with still life.  It’s not a kind of photography I do often and previous attempts have been a bit of a disaster, with my subjects either badly arranged or poorly lit.  I don’t like to be defeated, however, so decided to give it another go.

I set everything up in the corner of my lounge – a (pink) folding foot stool, A4 paper from the printer and a bunch of daffodils from the supermarket – and decided to use my 18-55mm kit lens (because the telemacro refused to work) and a speedlite.  Perhaps not the most conventional of set-ups, but it seemed to do the job!

As always with the gallery, clicking on any of the images will open them so you can take a closer look.