Postcards from Brighton

Last weekend, my sister and I took a trip to Brighton.  It’s somewhere I have only been a handful of times, mostly for work and to attend meetings in rooms with no windows!  For that reason, I was determined to get much closer to the sea on this visit, despite the strong winds and constant threat of rain.  We huddled on a bench on the pier to eat our sandwiches, before exploring a little further along the pier itself and then walking the short distance to the historic West Pier.

Plan A had been a spot of street photography, with a focus on food (the theme for the most recent meeting of my photography club).  However, it was hardly the weather for picnics and most sensible people were buying coffee – or staying inside – before moving on. Instead, I was drawn to the place itself – the piers, the sea, the changing light – and to the people who were determined to make the most of it.  Use of a tripod was, of course, virtually impossible, so all of these shots were taken handheld.