Ranscombe (2)

It’s strange how you can go nowhere near a particular location for ages, then visit twice in a few weeks.  I am not sure what it was that made me return to Ranscombe – perhaps it was because my earlier visit had involved rain and a flat tyre and I wanted to have more cheerful memories, or maybe it was just because I wanted to go somewhere reasonably familiar.  Whatever the reason, I was reminded again that the experience of a place can vary so much from moment to moment, day to day, depending on the conditions – the light, the season, the weather.  It was a lesson in capturing a scene when it grabs you because you don’t know exactly what you will find next time.  Okay, nothing earth shattering there but I found it helpful!

There are a number of marked paths at Ranscombe and, on this occasion, I chose to take the one that goes around the edge of the site.  It’s 4.5 miles long and graded as moderate, so a reasonable weekend workout!