Discovering the Isle of Grain

There are many beautiful places in Kent and I love taking photos of them – the woodland, the coast, the countryside.  Wanting to ring the changes, however, I decided to head out to the Isle of Grain and focus on a part of the county best known for being an industrial area.  Actually, there is rather more to it than that – the coastal park, for example – but it was the industry that I was interested in.

I had not been to Grain before, so didn’t really know what to expect.  At first I had thought I would focus mostly on the buildings themselves, but then the sudden and dramatic changes to the light caught my attention and I found myself working much as I would if I was on the Kent Downs or by the sea in Thanet.  My aim, then, was to make the scene before me look interesting and, perhaps, even attractive, rather than grey and unappealing.

Here are my five favourites.  As always, clicking on any of the images will open up the gallery so you can take a closer look.