Although it was a grey, damp day, I decided to stick with plan A and take a walk around Ranscombe Farm Reserve, in Cuxton, Kent.  I had to dodge a few showers (and found a flat tyre when I got back to the car!) but it was, as always, good to be out in the fresh air after a week in the office.  I even managed to nearly complete the several mile walk without getting lost, although missing out a step did send me off briefly off track and into a field of cows.

Ranscombe, as I have no doubt said before, is situated on the North Downs and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.  Covering 560 acres, the site has a number of footpaths which travel through farmland, grassland and woodland.  The light wasn’t always great for photography, but I came away with a few images and share them with you now.  Clicking on any of them will open the gallery so you can take a closer look.