Back to Kingsgate Bay

After sunrise at Botany Bay last month (the images can be found here), I took a short walk along the coast to Kingsgate Bay.  Along the way I met a local man, also a keen photographer, who shared my love of a winter seascape and who was happy to give me a couple of tips regarding places to visit.  That has been one of the unexpected but exciting side effects of all this photography; it has given me – someone who is hopeless at small talk – a way to connect with so many people that I otherwise would probably not have met and almost certainly would not have had a conversation with.  It’s been a fun couple of years!

Kingsgate Bay is one of my favourite places to visit and, therefore, somewhere I have been frequently.  Whilst the ever-changing weather conditions and the tides alter the look and feel of the place, it is nevertheless relatively easy to come away with very samey images each time.  Wanting to avoid that, I tried some different angles this time, whilst still featuring the arch that is a natural focus point.  I also used a couple of different lenses; my 18-55mm kit lens and my beloved ultra-wide 10-22mm.

Here, then, is my latest collection of images from Kingsgate Bay.  Clicking of any of them will open the gallery.