Every now and then, I force myself out of bed at silly o’clock so that I can catch the sunrise at the coast.  Last month, when sunrise and low tide happened to be at the same time, I drove down to Botany Bay in Kent.  Not anticipating a traffic jam at 4.45 a.m. (someone’s car caught fire, but I think they were okay), I arrived a little later than I had planned but still managed to get to the beach in time for the sunrise.  Whilst perhaps not the most spectacular, there was nevertheless something wonderful about watching the sun creep over the horizon, and I loved the colours reflected on the wet sand.  And of course there is always the challenge of trying to photograph a scene that, by its very nature, contains both very bright areas and very dark.  You can be the judge of whether I managed it successfully or not!

Here are the images, in a gallery as usual.  Please feel free to click on any of them to open the gallery and have a closer look.