Howletts Wild Animal Park

Howletts Wild Animal Park, near Canterbury, is only about half an hour from my home and has long been a family favourite.  Covering 90 acres, Howletts is home to over 50 species.  The focus is on providing the animals with as natural an environment as possible, with the intention of returning some of them to the wild whenever it is appropriate and safe to do so.

I love the challenge of trying to photograph animals.  They are, of course, unpredictable – some, like people, seem to enjoy being in the limelight, whilst others prefer to hide away.  And of course there is always the difficulty of knowing what to do with the bars and enclosures – to make a point of including them or to try to find a way to reduce their impact on the image?

I have already shared my photographs of the tigers.  Here, in a gallery, are my other images from a recent visit.  Clicking on any of them will open up the gallery and allow you to take a closer look.