My sister Liz loves tigers, so much so that she’s even risked her fingers to provide them with lunch (more on that story on her blog).  However, we tend to find that, on our trips to zoos or wild animal parks, the tigers choose to stay as far away as possible, often hiding from public view.  I can’t say I blame them; I’d get pretty fed up of people staring at me all day too.

On a more recent visit to Howletts, however, the tigers were more active than I had seen them in a long time… much to the shock of the man stood by the enclosure as a tiger leapt towards him.  The only problem was that Liz wasn’t there (not too much sympathy please; she was enjoying a trip to lovely Guernsey instead!) and I was visiting with our other sister, Helen.

That being the case, it seems only appropriate to dedicate this post to Liz.