Back to the Woods (Part 1)

After immersing myself in some of the busiest and most popular tourist areas in London, a return to Shorne Woods Country Park marked a welcome change of pace.  As I have mentioned before, the park has a number of clearly marked trails of varying lengths and difficulties, some keeping you fairly close to the car park and visitors’ centre, others allowing you to explore the 292 acres a little more, taking in woodlands, wetlands and meadows.  Generally, unless time is limited, I choose one of the longer paths, enjoying the solitude, the exercise and the scenery.

When I go somewhere reasonably familiar, I like to challenge myself to capture the scene in a different way.  Sometimes that means a focus on the details, or photographing from a particular height or a variety of angles.  On this occasion, though, keen to keep developing my skills with my ultra-wide angle lens, I chose to work mostly with a 10mm focal length.  It’s no secret that I love the dynamism of these images… but also that I sometimes struggle to use the lens well.  It is all too easy to end up with an uninspiring foreground and a primary subject that, well, isn’t primary.  To counter that, I have learnt to get closer, which of course is so much easier with trees and flowers than it is with people!

I will share the results with you over the next couple of blog posts.  Clicking on any of the images will open the gallery so you can take a closer look.