When We Went To London (Part 1)

As I have mentioned a few times, I have been a student at Morley College in London for the last year, working towards my City & Guilds in Photography (level 2).  My first project was about the Kent coast in winter and involved a lot of cold mornings and empty beaches.  Perhaps surprisingly, I loved it, but wanted to challenge myself in a new way for my second project, so chose street photography, with a particular focus on tourism in London.  Influenced in part by Martin Parr’s Small World, I wanted to explore, through my images, the experience of being a tourist in one of the most popular and well-visited cities in the world.

There were a couple of things I wanted to achieve.  Firstly, I wanted to improve my street photography and to do so, this time, without the aid of a long lens!  For the most part, I used an 18-55mm lens, but mostly shot at between 18mm and 25mm.  This meant that I needed to get in closer to the action – scary but ultimately leading to better images.  I also wanted to try to avoid any sense of passing judgement on ‘those tourists’.  We all take on that role from time to time, with or without a selfie stick!  For that reason, when choosing the title of my project, I settled on When We Went To London – an inclusive title, rather than one that separates subject, photographer and viewer.

Book CoverI decided to present the images in a book, rather than as portfolio prints, so that I could fix the order in which they were viewed, and spent ages sat on the floor in my living room arranging and re-arranging the pages – decisiveness has never been one of my strongest qualities!  For the purposes of this blog, I will share the images in the same order, though over a series of 11 blog posts, with images from each double-page spread presented together.

Before the first image, a note: after much consideration, I have decided to share the whole project with you, including those images in which there are children.  Whilst children were not my main subject, it was often extremely difficult to exclude them from the photographs and, indeed, to do so would have been rather odd.  As always, if you see an image that includes either you or your immediate family members, and which you would rather was removed, please contact me.

And now, after all that waffle, image number 1…

When We Went To London-14