In the Studio

As some of you will be aware, I am nearing the end of a level 2 City and Guilds photography course at Morley College in London.  It’s been an interesting year, one that has pushed me to try a few new things and, hopefully, get better at them!  One of the classes I still find rather intimidating is studio, though after some practice I am starting to feel a little more confident.  I think my anxiety is twofold; a fear that I am going to break an expensive piece of equipment (someone else’s expensive piece of equipment, I should add!) and the challenge of interacting with, directing and photographing someone that I don’t know.

Initially, whilst we were learning some of the basics, we photographed each other and, mostly, our tutor.  More recently, however, models have been booked for the classes.  A few weeks ago, Robin George, an experienced actor and model, was our subject.  Robin made it reasonably straightforward for us – not only does he know what he is doing but he is also very relaxed, and I found that I actually quite enjoyed the class after all!

With Robin’s permission, I am sharing a few of the images that I took that evening.  There’s plenty of room for improvement, of course – both in the session itself and in knowing what to do with the raw files afterwards – but it’s a start.