A Day at the Coast

When a friend from Canada visited me at the end of May, we decided that she definitely needed to see our beautiful Kent coast… and to try real fish and chips!  In consultation with my sisters, who were going to join us, and the Met Office, we chose a day that promised sunshine.  Of course, this being England, on the day the forecast changed completely – cloud, heavy rain – but, not easily deterred, we set out anyway, stopping for lunch and a walk in Whitstable, before moving on to Botany Bay.  I had got one thing right – the tide was low, which meant we could walk to Joss Bay on the beach, rather than on the clifftop.  The blue skies that I had enjoyed whilst completing my winter project were noticeably absent, but were replaced instead by an incredible range of colours and tones in the sea, particularly as the rain storm blew in.

Here is a gallery of some of my images from the day.  Clicking on any of them will give you a closer look.