Scotney in Summer (part 2)

As promised, here are some more images from a recent trip to Scotney Castle, near Lamberhurst in Kent.  I have been to Scotney a number of times now and so, for me, the challenge was to find a new way to photograph it – a different angle or perspective, a different way of looking at what has become a familiar scene.  My friends helped – it was a new place for them, so they saw it with fresh eyes, spotting details that I hadn’t noticed – and I was also struck, on this particular visit, by the abundance of plant life, the greenness of everything.  I can see the influence of both of these things in my images.

I am trying a gallery today.  Some readers have had problems with galleries when looking at my posts on tablets/phones but as WordPress have changed a few things, I hope this will work for you all.  Do let me know if not!  Clicking on any of the images will open the gallery.