An Evening Walk (Part 1)

I love the Kent countryside – there are so many beautiful spots – and was excited about showing it off to a friend visiting from Canada.  Sadly the weather had other ideas and we had to wait until about 5 p.m. for the rain to stop and the sun to put in an appearance.  Still, that was as forecast and we were prepared, arriving at Ightham Mote, near Sevenoaks in Kent, just as most people were heading home.  My plan was for us to walk about four-miles, on a round trip from Ightham, via Wilmot Hill.  It’s one of my favourites – a good workout and, of course, with plenty to photograph along the way.  And certainly we had the cameras out almost from the first moment!  The sky was stunning, with the sunlight filtering through the clouds, but the increasing darkness suggested perhaps the wet weather had not entirely disappeared for the day.  We needed to make a decision (never my strong point!); did we take the risk and keep on walking, or head back to the car which, after a big loop, was actually just a few minutes away?  We chose the latter, reasoning that we could always resume our walk if the clouds passed.  It turned out to be the right decision; as I unlocked the car, the storm blew in – torrential rain, hail stones – and marked the end of our walk.

All of my images were taken at 10mm.  It’s a focal length I love but that can be challenging to use well, and that I certainly need more practice with.  A task for the summer, perhaps.

Ightham walk-2 Ightham walk-4 Ightham walk-8