Spring (Part 1)

Although I have lived in Kent for much of my life, I feel I have only started to really appreciate it in the last couple of years, since I started looking for interesting places to photograph.  Last weekend, a few of us headed to Toys Hill, near Westerham, to walk through a part of Kent officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The four-mile walk took us through woodland and fields, past Emmetts Garden and, despite the slightly gloomy weather, gave us access to beautiful views across the Kent countryside.  Spring was in full swing (ha!) and provided us with plenty of photographic subjects.  I will be sharing some of my images over the next few posts.

Octavia Hill, spring 2015-15

Octavia Hill, spring 2015-1

Octavia Hill, spring 2015-7

Octavia Hill, spring 2015-5

Octavia Hill, spring 2015-13