In Motion

Swiftly leaving my Thanet coastal project behind, I started something new today – a street photography project about tourism in London or, more specifically, tourists in London and their interactions with each other and the places they are visiting.  Whilst landscapes are my preferred subject matter, I wanted to challenge myself and dedicate the next ten weeks or so to a kind of photography that I don’t do very often.  I will, of course, share the results with you at a later stage.

Shortly before heading home, I took a walk along the South Bank, always a vibrant, popular area both day and night.  One of the features of the South Bank is the skate park.  Given the opportunity, I would take this shot again and increase my shutter speed a little, but then again the blurriness gives an indication of the speed and the movement of the skateboarder, so maybe it’s okay…

South Bank skatepark