Out of Season (image 1 of 14)

As you may well have picked up by now, I am currently a student at Morley College in London, working on my level 2 City and Guilds photography qualification.  Out of Season is the name of my first assessed project and comprises a series of images taken at the Kent coast between January and March.  My intention was to focus on the natural features of the area and to show that, even in winter, there are some beautiful places to explore.  There were moments when I truly wondered what had possessed me to choose a topic like this, rather than something indoors – sunrise in January can be a very cold experience! – but on the whole I loved it; the long stretches of empty beach, the incredible colours at sunset, the sparkle of sunlight on water, witnessing the start of a new day…

Capturing all this in my images was a challenge.  Although I enjoy landscape photography, I had little experience of shooting at the coast and realised, once I had committed myself, that there was a lot to think about, both technically and in terms of the weather and tides.  But Thanet was kind to me, the weather was generally good and I even got used to being the strange girl on the beach with the camera, tripod and bright yellow tape measure, trying to work out hyperfocal distances.

Now that my tutor has given his verdict on the images, it’s over to you.  I have debated for a while about the best way to share them with you, wondering if I should put all fourteen up at once.  However, I have decided to post an image a day for the next two weeks, at the end of which I might create a little gallery so you can view them all at once if you wish.  Do feel free to tell me what you think – good, bad or indifferent.

Thanet 1Sunset at Minnis Bay, January 2015