Pegwell Sky

As you might have gathered, I have been spending a lot of time in Thanet recently, working on a photography project.  Today was no different.  Setting out early, I started at Botany Bay, finding myself on an empty beach just before sunrise, then drove round the coast a little way to Pegwell Bay.  It was a beautiful morning, with a deep blue sky and warm, spring-like sunshine.  I even ditched the hat!

Later, as the wind picked up, the clouds rolled in.  I was walking back to the car when I spotted this scene, tripod folded up, camera switched off, but I couldn’t resist.  In the distance, the water glistened in the sunshine and the long grass danced wildly in the breeze, but it was the sky that grabbed my attention and became the focus of the image.  I might have been tempted to stay a little longer, but then the tripod nearly blew over, camera attached, and I decided it was time to head for home whilst everything was still intact!

Pegwell Bay

Pegwell Bay, Kent – March 2015

‘…the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe’ – J.M.W. Turner