Night Walks (Part 1)

As part of a recent project, I found myself wandering around my local area after dark, photographing pathways, streets, trees and houses.  There were several reasons for trying this.  One was simply an attempt to improve my night photography – it’s an entirely different experience to shooting in daylight and is a skill that I need to practice more.  Secondly, as many of you are aware, I moved to the area last summer and wanted to spend some time getting to know my new neighbourhood and, in particular, to look at the interaction between the natural and the man-made.  I chose to do this at night because, in the dark, the ordinary and mundane take on a new character and are seen differently.  I felt this would encourage me to look at them more closely and to pay more attention to objects and spaces that I would perhaps overlook during the day.


My previous night photography project (blog post here) was completed during one week last summer.  On that occasion, I didn’t stray far from home, taking most photos within 500 metres of my front door.  This time, I planned to walk a little further, though still within a half mile radius of my home.  I was grateful to my sister, Helen, for accompanying me, and for putting up with fog, very cold temperatures and one or two slightly odd encounters with people as we stood by my tripod and waited for the long exposure times to pass!


Ever the perfectionist, there are things I would change about these images and I hope to give night photography another go some time, though perhaps that can wait until the temperatures are a little friendlier!