Winter Woodland

I sometimes have to make a real effort to get out with the camera in winter.  Okay, I know it never gets *really cold here in the UK and we tend not to have a lot of snow, but it’s still very tempting to stay at home in the warm on a chilly, dark, overcast morning.  If, however, I can persuade myself to layer up, pull on the boots and head out of the door, then it usually turns out to be worthwhile.

I decided to head back to Shorne Woods, a place I have visited several times, with two goals in mind – to photograph some winter woodland scenes, with a view to converting them to black and white in processing, and to learn more about hyperfocal focusing.  I won’t bore you with the technical details here – there are many websites out there that can explain hyperfocal focusing and hyperfocal distances much better than I ever could – but in short, I wanted to ensure as much of the image as possible was sharp and in focus.  I don’t think I have quite mastered it, but I’m getting there!

As always, clicking on any of the images will open them in a new window, should you wish to take a closer look.

Winter Shorne 1

Winter Shorne 2

Winter Shorne 3

Winter Shorne 4

Winter Shorne 5

Winter Shorne 6

Winter Shorne 7

Winter Shorne 8


Shorne Woods Country Park, Gravesend, Kent, December 2014