Summer Scotney (Part 1)

Scotney Castle, near Lamberhurst in Kent, is beautiful at any time of year and, regardless of the weather or season, there is always something to photograph.  On my last visit in August, the reflections in the moat around the Old Castle really grabbed my attention.  They were perfect!

Scotney 2

The Old Castle is, certainly, the highlight for me, but I also love to explore a little further afield by taking in one of the estate walks.  There are several available, all signposted, and they offer the opportunity to break away from the crowds a little.

Scotney 1

Scotney 9

Scotney 8

Scotney 6

Scotney 4

Scotney 5

Scotney 3

Scotney 7

As always, clicking on any of the images will open them in a new window.  Part 2 will follow soon…