Foggy Days – Part 1

I love going for a walk on a foggy day. When the world is partially hidden from sight, the ordinary and familiar take on an air of mystery that they normally lack, an abstractness created by the loss of context.


Now technically this post should be called ‘misty days’ because, as any good weather forecaster will tell you, the visibility was better on this particular occasion than it would have been in the fog. Whatever we want to call it, the conditions were something of a surprise. I headed to Shorne Woods Country Park, one of my favourite local haunts, for some fresh air and exercise. Covering about 300 acres, the park offers plenty of walking routes and places to explore, many off the beaten track; after a busy week, I enjoy the space and solitude.  I was some way along my chosen route before the mistiness became apparent and, with both camera and tripod to hand, I set about trying to capture a few shots of the scene before me.

   Path 1  Path 2  Path 3Woodland 1 Woodland 2 Woodland 3