Night Photography and Photo Manipulation

Earlier this month, I shared my first serious attempt at night photography.  Apart from the basic processing that is required when shooting in RAW, I rarely step beyond that into the realm of what I would consider photo manipulation.  I tend not to alter the framing of the image or the elements within that frame, recognising that, at this early stage, I want my focus to be on taking as good a photo as I can in the first place.  However, responding to one of my night images, the tutor at my Adult Ed. class suggested it might be interesting to have a go at altering it, removing some of the bushes and undergrowth to create something different.  Always ready to accept a challenge, and curious to see what would happen, I made friends with Photoshop Elements and did my best to simplify the image.  What do you think?

Night photo edited

You can find the original photo here; it’s the last one…