Another Final Project – People on the Saxon Shore Way (Part 1)

GravesendAs many of you are aware, I have recently completed my third ten-week photography course at the local Adult Education centre.  The last course was, like the second, partly project based; each of us was encouraged to develop a series or sequence of images around a particular theme and to present these in class.  I decided very quickly that at the heart of my project was going to be the Saxon Shore Way, the 160-mile path from Gravesend in Kent to Hastings in East Sussex, that I have mentioned in other blog posts.  Beyond that, the details changed and developed over time.

Initially, I had the grand plan of covering as much ground as possible in ten weeks, but it soon became clear that I needed to scale it back, so I focused instead on two areas; the first few miles of the path from Gravesend to Shornemead Fort, and then another, shorter section, in Riverside Country Park, Gillingham.  In both of these places, industry is a very dominant backdrop – factories, power stations and, in Gravesend, a wind farm loom large – but this seems to be largely ignored, or simply not noticed, by those who visit the area to walk, cycle or play football with their children.  I enjoyed the juxtaposition and decided to try to capture something of that in my images.


Technically, I wanted as much detail in the background as possible, so chose an aperture of f/22 to increase the depth of field.  I also hoped to convey the feeling of being dwarfed by industry and by the wide open spaces near the river, and therefore kept the figures in the images small.

I hope to continue the project – during different seasons and in different places along the path – but, for now, this is the first half of my final selection.