Woodland Walk – In Memory

R. and I were friends for seven years.  I was grateful for his quiet encouragement as I started to take photography more seriously, and for his patience as he listened to me talk about the courses I had taken and the things I had learnt.  From time to time, he asked me to send him a print or two so he could keep up with what I was doing.  R’s favourite images were of the natural world – mountains, lakes, woods – because he found them peaceful and because they reminded him of camping trips when he was young.

R. passed away suddenly on 1st July after a brief illness.  He was 49 years old.  This post is for him.

Shorne Woods 1

Shorne Woods 2

Shorne Woods 3

Shorne Woods 4

Shorne Woods 5

Shorne Woods 6

Shorne Woods 7

Shorne Woods 8

Shorne Woods 9

Shorne Woods 10

All of the photos were taken at Shorne Woods Country Park, near Gravesend in Kent, on 6th July.