Night Photography – Close to Home

As some of you are aware, I have just completed another Adult Education course, this time entitled Summer Themes. Towards the end of the course, we took a brief look at the work of Robert Adams and, in particular, some of the images from his book Summer Nights, Walking, before being set the task of completing our own night photography project in our local areas.  It was my first serious attempt at this type of photography, as it was for many of my fellow students.  My only other efforts had involved standing on bridges in the freezing cold, taking long exposure shots of the traffic below, and a few random, unplanned shots one evening in London.  As I was going out alone (with panic alarm and torch to hand, I hasten to add!), I stayed close to home, straying no further than 200 metres from my front door, except on the last night, when I wandered a little way down the road to capture the final image.

In all instances, I used a tripod and, for the later photos, a wired remote shutter release to try to reduce camera shake and – a useful side effect – so that I could stand a little further away and keep my shadow out of the images. With exposure times of at least 45 seconds, it is a type of photography that demands patience and from which an hour’s work will yield few images.  Despite that, I found it rather addictive and look forward to more night time adventures.

Just don’t tell my mum. Oh, wait a minute…