Borough Market

As you’ll know if you are a regular visitor to this blog, street photography is something that fascinates and terrifies me in equal measure.  My previous projects (see here and here, for example) focused primarily on London street entertainers; in Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square it’s easy to blend in with the tourists!  Keen to challenge myself, however, I joined a London street photography group and recently met up with them again for a photo walk to Borough Market.  We arrived a little after five, during the last hour of trading, when the crowds were thinning and the stall holders were starting to pack up for the day.  That made achieving a clean shot a little simpler but also increased my nervousness; there were fewer places to hide!  Eventually, after a slow start, I came away with some images that I am happy to share, even as the perfectionist in me looks at them and wishes I’d framed this one differently, or focused on a different part of the scene here, or chosen a different depth of field there!

As always, clicking on any of the images will open them in a new window.  Feel free to have a closer look (there’s an extra person hidden in photo 9, but they don’t show in the small version of the image…).  Oh, and if you happen to spot yourself in any of the photos and object, please let me know so I can remove it.

Fish counterDinnerBlueColourHeadChoice 2ContactChoiceFacesStoryVW3DrinkWheelsDirectionsWaitingRed and GreenWalkTunnel