Following the Saxon Shore Way – Riverside Country Park

As mentioned in my earlier post, I have spent quite a bit of time on the Saxon Shore Way recently, primarily to work on a photography project for a course I am taking.  The project is starting to take shape and, having tried various things, I now have a clearer idea of the direction I wish to take it in – which means that some of the other images, including a few favourites, have been rejected because they simply don’t fit!  Not wanting those photos to go to waste, I have gathered some of them here to share with you.  As usual, all images are clickable and you are invited to take a closer look, if you wish.  All of them were taken at Riverside Country Park, in Gillingham, Kent, over several visits.

Riverside 10 Riverside 11 Riverside 13

Riverside 7 Riverside 9 Riverside 8

Riverside 12 Riverside 3 Riverside 14

          Riverside 15                Riverside 16                Riverside 4

             Riverside 6                         Riverside 17

Riverside 1 Riverside 5 Riverside 2