Following the Saxon Shore Way – Gravesend to Shornemead Fort

The Saxon Shore Way is a path, about 160 miles long, that starts in Gravesend, in Kent, and ends in Hastings, East Sussex.  Opened in 1980, it follows the coastline as it was around 1500 years ago and takes those who follow it through a variety of landscapes.  So far, my explorations have been quite limited and have focused on the first few miles, as well as the section that runs through Riverside Country Park in Gillingham, Kent.  There is a different feel to each of the areas – Riverside is somewhat greener, as befits a park, whilst the skyline in Gravesend is dominated by industry – but I found both challenging photographically, perhaps because they do not have the same aesthetic appeal as the flowers and spring scenes that I have taken so many photos of recently.  My hope is that my camera and I will complete the whole journey eventually, but for now here are some of my initial images, taken on the walk from Gravesend to Shornemead Fort.  As always, the photos are clickable, so feel free to take a closer look if you wish.


Smashed Long Rubbish



Door Curve Red

Foal Horse Sit