Morning in York

My sister and I recently spent a weekend in the beautiful city of York.  We were there to attend a conference, rather than to take photos, but still managed to fit in a little time to explore the area around the Minster and castle and take a few shots.  Whilst there were some lovely moments of blue sky and sunshine, on the whole it was quite an overcast, chilly morning and the light wasn’t great, but ever the optimists – and with only a short time before our train home – we kept walking.  Eventually we found ourselves in the York Museum Gardens, a popular and pretty spot, where spring was definitely in evidence.

I have discovered that some readers, particularly those using mobile devices, have had difficulties with the gallery format, so I’m going back to the old way.  🙂  Please feel free to click on any of the photos to open them in a new window.

      York Minster               Minster                 Cross

  Arch Pigeon meeting Spring

       Glow               Do not climb on the banks                 Pink and yellow

  Blossom Blue burst Tower