Coastal Sunrise

I was a little nervous as we pulled into the empty car park at Joss Bay, concerned that I might have dragged my sister out of bed at a ridiculous hour for nothing.  Not only was it already lighter than we’d anticipated – at 5.15 in the morning, a good half hour before the official sunrise time – but the tide was higher than I was expecting (despite my careful study of the tide tables!) and there was significantly more cloud.  Oh and it was sooo cold!  But I needn’t have worried.  The sunrise was spectacular and there was something exhilarating about being the only two people on the beach, witnessing the start of a new day.


We arrived during twilight; there was a warm glow to the east but the moon remained bright and the red light from North Foreland lighthouse was still clearly visible.  I had a tripod with me (yes, I actually remembered!) but took a photo of the lighthouse from the car park, whilst the tripod remained in its bag.  It was really still too dark to take a shot handheld… but actually, I quite like the blurred effect – it reminds me of a hologram.

Lighthouse Moon

Once on the beach, we chose our spot and headed towards it.  Initially disappointed at the amount of cloud, it soon became apparent that this added a touch of drama that might not have been possible on a completely clear morning.  The rapidly changing light – at first cool and blue, later warm and golden – altered the scene before us and each moment seemed to offer something new.

Three birds Blue Outline

Glow  Sun  Two boats


Joss Bay is surrounded by chalk cliffs.  The early morning light cast a warm glow on the cliffs and seemed to bring out some of the detail that might have been less obvious at a different time of day.

Chalk 1  Cliff  Chalk 2

As we walked along the beach towards Kingsgate Bay, the tide continued to recede.  This was the view behind us…

Low tide

 … whilst to the side, in the full glare of the sun, the intensity of the light was incredible, giving the scene a more abstract look…

Gold and silver Pattern Gull

We started to notice reflections in the shallow water…

Kingsgate reflection   Reflection

… as we continued towards Kingsgate…

Towards Kingsgate Kingsgate

and then back, across the sand, to Joss Bay, breakfast and home!

Sand  Fork

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