Scotney in the Spring

If you regularly follow this blog, you will have noticed that Scotney Castle, in Lamberhurst, Kent, is one of my favourite places to visit. I recently had an extra day off work and, having not been to Scotney since the autumn (blog post here!) decided a spring visit was in order. I was a little unlucky with the weather; it was rather grey and breezy and that ruled out some of the classic Scotney shots – no blue sky backgrounds or beautiful reflections in the moat – but that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm and, as usual, I spent a happy few hours exploring and taking photos.

View from above

It quickly became apparent that, despite the general gloom, spring had started to make its presence known and the gardens boasted some beautiful flowers.

PinkPollenDaffodilBallBench and blossomBlossom

As usual, I headed towards the Old Castle at the bottom of the hill, this time via the Quarry Garden.

Through the treesQuarry GardenGreen tunnelGreen wallReflectionBenchWall detail

ArchWindowBlue door

For the first time, I had remembered to print the map for the parkland trail, a two mile walk on the Scotney estate.Direction

A few days of sunshine prior to my visit had not been enough to offset all the rain that had fallen previously and I frequently found myself wading through mud!

Seat in the mudMud

Tree reflectionTrees in water

Part way along the trail, the Old Castle and the Victorian country mansion (the new house) that overlooks it both came in to view.

Estate view (old and new)Estate view (old castle)

I don’t have a true macro lens (mine offers 1:2 magnification rather than 1:1) but nevertheless enjoy looking out for details to photograph – the texture of tree trunks, buds, even the rusty hinge on a gate.


FenceHingeYellow stringNailHinge

As I came to the end of my walk, there were several blue tits darting in and out of the hedge at the side of the field. This one took me by surprise but, despite the blurriness of the photo, his/her distinctive colours are still visible. Perhaps not the image I would have planned, given the chance, but one that has grown on me.  As with all the photos in this post, please feel free to click on it should you wish to take a closer look.