At the Change of the Seasons (Part 1)

Shorne Woods pathIt has been great to see a little sunshine recently (with apologies to those of you who are still knee deep in snow!) and to have the opportunity to get out and about with the camera.  Last weekend, I joined my friend R., her daughter E. and their dog on an exploration of the park near their home in Derbyshire.  On my last visit, about three months ago, I took a lot of photos from E’s height, with the help of both R. and E., who identified interesting subjects. This time I decided to focus primarily on small details, largely in the hope that we would spot lots of signs that spring was on the way!  I continued the project today, on a trip to a rather muddy Shorne Woods Country Park in Kent.  Spring, I am pleased to report, is definitely making a breakthrough…

 Yellow flowerPurple flower 1

… though this reminded me of autumn!

Acorn Empty

HollyLeaf  SpikeSpike 2


Pair Branch

Wire twistCut

Photo 2 above is of a tree, whose branch had recently been cut.  For me, the shallow depth of field (f/5.6) makes it a more interesting image, though the out-of-focus-ness might irritate others!