Chinese New Year

I hadn’t really thought about taking photos of the Chinese New Year celebrations until I was invited to join a London street photography group at the events in the West End.  I had never seen so many people in Trafalgar Square!  It was fun, but also rather tricky to frame the images I wanted; the scene in front of me kept changing and it was difficult to stand still without getting in someone’s way.  As a result, the photos I came away with were generally rather disappointing.  Last weekend, however, another parade took place, this time in Chatham, Kent.  Billed as one of the largest celebrations in Britain, it certainly drew the crowds but was a little less hectic than London.  Ever the perfectionist, I’m not entirely satisfied with my second set of photos either but enjoyed giving it a go!



I rarely crop my photos in post-processing but, for some of these, felt a crop – sometimes a square crop – was the best option.  It helped to remove some of the distractions and to focus attention on the subject(s).  I also try to keep children out of my photos as much as possible but, again, had to make some exceptions here, simply because there were so many families at the celebrations and editing them out of every shot would have been impossible.



Dragon 2WaitingMedwayParadeIMG_7551 edit

SmileSmile 2

Dancing shoesUmbrella

HatsHats 2

TallYear of the Horse