On the South Bank

It was Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining and it seemed like the perfect time to take a wander along the South Bank. After so much rain, plan A was to put together another series of reflection images – and there were certainly opportunities – but I also wanted to be open to other possibilities. I soon found myself playing around with shadows, looking for different angles from which to capture familiar landmarks, appreciating the skill of some very young skateboarders and enjoying the spectacle of a man creating huge bubbles, whilst children danced around him.

London Eye 1London Eye 2

The London Eye from Hungerford Bridge

Feeding the birds

No doubt this lady features in many photos!  She was very committed to feeding the local seagull population, who swooped down as she threw bread into the air for them to catch.
 Beach walkStarGulls
South Bank Beach


The South Bank Undercroft has been a popular spot with skateboarders, BMX riders and graffiti artists for about 40 years.  There are plans to re-develop it and build a new skateboarding facility elsewhere, but there is also a very active campaign to preserve the Undercroft for skateboarders.  I did not take any photos of the skateboarders themselves because many of them were very young.

MugsPhoto timeSt Paul'sBridgeWindow

I nearly didn’t include either of the photos in the top row but there are things I like about them, even as I also find them extremely frustrating!  I tried several shots of the mugs – they caught my eye and I really wanted a decent photo – but didn’t manage to get it quite right.  In the second image, I’ve tried to capture a scene that was there one moment and gone the next.  When I got the photo onto the computer, I wanted to crop the lady disappearing out of shot, but then lost the tops of the buildings, so decided to leave it alone.  Photo 3 is, of course, St. Paul’s Cathedral.  A prominent landmark, in this instance it was actually the contrasting clouds that I noticed first.


There are a couple of large mirrors installed on the South Bank.  I am not quite sure what they are for – and an internet search has not shed any light – but they produced some interesting reflections.  There were also, of course, numerous large puddles.  I took a few puddle photos but this is definitely my favourite.

Bubble 1Bubble 2

The ‘bubble man’ was responsible for a  lot of smiles on the South Bank that day – and seemed to be enjoying himself too.  He was surrounded by children, who tried to catch the bubbles before they landed, and by adults with cameras, keen to capture the moment.  Not wanting to put photos of children here, I’ve also not been able to include a photo of the man himself but will keep an eye out for him on my next visit and perhaps try again.

No busking

No busking!


Him and her