Through the Eyes of a Child

Spending the weekend with a four-year-old can change the way you see things. With a morning walk on the cards, and a friend who is endlessly patient with me and my photographic antics, I decided to explore this idea a little in a series of photos. Rather than stand and take the pictures from my normal vantage point, I crouched down, looking up at the world from the height of a child. My friend’s daughter E. (the aforementioned four-year-old) and the family dog accompanied us, as did a whole assortment of toy animals, many of whom then featured in my images. E. was our guide, choosing our route, selecting those objects and places that she felt I should take photos of and checking each shot to ensure it was good enough!


For this post, I will not give much commentary but simply invite you to join us on our walk…

IMG_6398IMG_6310 IMG_6311IMG_6335



This way… but look out for the dinosaurs


Ice cream mushrooms and a bird ‘carved’ into a tree…


Hide and Seek




Two eyes and a nose

With thanks to R. and E. – this post is for you 🙂