As the Sun Goes Down

My friends live in Derbyshire, a county that can lay claim to a good chunk of The National Forest, many historic buildings and beautiful countryside.  Making the most of a chilly but dry weekend, we headed out to explore.  Our stops included Barton Marina and Staunton Harold Reservoir.  Whilst we caught some late afternoon sunshine at Barton Marina, our visit to the reservoir was right at the end of the day, shortly before closing time, and largely comprised a walk in the woods in the dark!

IMG_6215 (2)IMG_6280-(from-RAW) (2)IMG_6223

Photos 1 and 3 were taken at Barton Marina.  Photo 2 was taken at Staunton Harold.  With the light fading fast – and my tripod at home in Kent – my options were either to give up any idea of taking photos or to experiment with flash photography.  I chose the latter.  The resulting images were interesting, if a little unnatural looking.


Photo 3 is quite clearly overexposed and wouldn’t win any prizes for technical accuracy… but I like the effect!

IMG_6224 (2)IMG_6238IMG_6221

The task for the week had been to slow down a little and think about the ‘rules’ of composition and how they could be applied.  In these photos my focus was on colour, shape and pattern.

IMG_6283-edit2 (2)IMG_6301 (2)

By photo 2, it was almost completely dark and focusing was tricky.  I took two versions of the image; in the other the lighting from the flash was much harsher, illuminating more of the path but also highlighting the camera shake!