London Reflections

IMG_6058Leaving the Natural History Museum, I spotted a puddle.  In it was reflected part of the rather impressive building.  I decided it would make an interesting, if slightly odd, photo and took the shot.

And that then became my project for the day – capturing a moment or a scene in reflections.  There were, I soon discovered, many possibilities.

Normally rather self-conscious, with camera in hand I somehow don’t mind so much if people think I’m a little strange.  And no doubt they did, as I took photos of billboards, bus stops, windows, pillars and, yes, more puddles…

IMG_6062  IMG_6086-(from-RAW)IMG_6098-(Crop)IMG_6105

I quickly decided that some of the images I preferred contained a piece of the ‘real’ world, not just the reflection; it added an extra dimension to the picture or, sometimes, made it a little more abstract, a little more difficult to work out, perhaps a little chaotic.

IMG_6142 IMG_6122IMG_6131IMG_6175IMG_6199 IMG_6055IMG_6192 IMG_6179 IMG_6116

One of my favourite places was the pedestrian tunnel between South Kensington tube station and the Natural History, Science and Victoria & Albert Museums.  The large posters hanging on the walls the length of the tunnel were great for my purposes, though I had to let go of the idea of crisp, clean images, allowing a slight dinginess and graininess in my photos and, in places, streaks of colour or distortion.  They won’t be to everyone’s taste but, after looking at them for a while, there’s something about them I quite like.

IMG_6153-(from-RAW) IMG_6154 IMG_6156-(from-RAW) IMG_6158-(from-RAW)