Just a Walk in the Park

I wandered around Shorne Woods Country Park with a smile on my face.  It was a Monday but I wasn’t at work, I was exploring somewhere new with camera in hand and I was indulging the child in me, wading through mud and sloshing through puddles, even as my grown up self muttered about washing machines!  It was a bright, chilly autumn day – the best sort – and it was wonderful to be outside after a weekend indoors.

IMG_5645 IMG_5698IMG_5690-edit IMG_5686

The park boasts large areas of ancient woodland, perfect for atmospheric shots.  The contrast between the light areas, where the sun’s rays had crept through, and the deep, shadowy patches, made finding the right exposure a little tricky, but also provided an opportunity to practice creative metering and to ever so slightly under or over expose images in order to try to achieve the results I wanted.

IMG_5676  IMG_5700IMG_5682IMG_5678IMG_5702

I also couldn’t resist a few abstract shots.  Both of these images are of wooded areas (one much more obviously than the other!) and for each of them the camera was set at f/22 and a shutter speed of around 1 second, though the final photos are very different.

IMG_5672     IMG_5712

IMG_5712-(2)The second photo above has, of course, been rotated.  I sometimes do that in post-processing, just to see what happens.  In this instance, I felt the rotated image was more effective, though it only works if you don’t mind losing touch with the original subject matter.  What do you think?  Better left alone?  (Please click for a larger image)